4:04am September 19, 2014

Kristin: Kurt and Blaine haven’t kissed so much. As much as some of the other couples. Do you think we might see more kissing and what do you think about that? — x

2:31am September 19, 2014


"Girls at dalton"
"klaine broken up"
"Blaine and Kurt teachers in glee clubs"
1:35am September 19, 2014

Klaine + getting your man his coffee.

1:33am September 19, 2014
2:16am September 18, 2014
2:14am September 18, 2014


So I went to the paramount tour and the guide said she’d take Lexy and I to see the NYADA front since it was still up free she took the other people back to the front and we were driving back after seeing NYADA and Darren was driving a golf cart behind us and I kept turning around and he waved when we parted ways and I waved back.

This was after seeing him, Chris (I’m 90% positive) and Jaoquin drive by us on a cart together

2:01am September 18, 2014

When I’m reading through it, there’s voices of Chris, there’s some definite quips and responses that characters say that I go, “that’s how Chris talks”.

2:00am September 18, 2014
1:59am September 18, 2014
12:04am September 18, 2014



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